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Hi there! We're CAMSoc, and we're more than just a careers society. 

Purpose is in our DNA and we help Cambridge students make a positive impact on the world. For us, it's not just about partnering with big brand names, it's about building up your skill set in the process. That's why we work with forward-thinking, meaningful companies and deliver skills based events, which will help you regardless of whether you've ever considered a career in advertising marketing or brand consultancy. 

We believe that communication has the power to change the world and that Cambridge students are the world changers of tomorrow. By enabling Cambridge students to communicate better, we want to maximise the impact of their world famous independent thinking throughout their studies, lives and careers. CAMSoc aims to point out the importance of communication and its relevance to university students as a tool for behavioural and social change. 

Meet the Committee

Marie Medenis


Hannah Jennings

Co-Vice President

Caila Ryner


Sid Bryant

Co-Vice President

Ian Yorke


Tom McIntosh

Sponsorship Officer

Tom Elton

Sponsorship Officer

Voké Ogueh

Publicity Officer

Jessica Blinston 

Events Officer

Sophie John

Publicity Officer

Beth Lord

Events Officer

Cailin Dunsmuir

Events Officer

Bill Bishop

Careers Officer

Blue Cambridge

CAMBrand Manager

Sam Corbett

Careers Officer

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