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Breaking Down Influencer Marketing Campaigns for Fashion

Today at CAMSoc, we have another blog takeover for you! On Monday, we looked at social media, and the increasing role it has played for brands during the current pandemic, so today we're looking at a specific element of social media marketing - The use of Influencers in fashion campaigns. Stefanie Diaz is going to take us through some examples of inluencer marketing campaigns before providing her top tips for running a sucessful influencer marketing campaign.

Without further ado, over to Stefanie!


For this entry, I decided to put together a summary of some marketing campaigns for fashion, and a few tips to start an influencer marketing campaign.

It is known that online marketing campaigns have grown year after year. Unlike traditional advertising on TV and print media, digital marketing is much more accessible to anyone. That is the reason why, it is used by high-end companies like Dior or Swarovski, and small businesses too. Therefore, fashion influencers are a significant part of digital marketing plans. Nowadays, selecting a specific social media platform among plenty of influencers can be a daunting task. Likewise, the big question is how can you choose the right influencer and social media platform for your brand?

Dior and influencer Chiara Ferragni:

Chiara Ferragni, with more than 14 million followers on Instagram, is one of the most well-known influencers in the world. In 2018, the French luxury maison Dior made her a unique wedding dress, in return the fashion house had a huge exposure on her social media accounts. It has been one of the most successful campaigns - According to Launchmetrics.com, the event garnered an approximated 67 million engagements and that Dior itself saw an engagement of 5.6 million globally, with Ferragni's series of posts about her gowns representing $1.6 million in MIV. (Klein 2018)

Primark and YouTube influencers:

On the other hand, fast-fashion retailer Primark encourages bloggers to promote their products on YouTube tutorials. The company is known for its astonishingly low prices. Their strategy consists of saving money on publicity, and work with online influencers instead. They also work with micro-influencers. The last-mentioned don’t have a large following but possess a good engagement with their followers.


It's CAMSoc jumping in here. It's intresting to note how influencers are being recongnised across the whole spectrum of brands, from 'luxury' brands to everyday brands such as Primark. We'd like to add a couple of influencers into the mix.

Lydia Elise Millen:

Firstly, we have to talk about Lydia Elise Millen. Lydia started off with a blog that she still creates content for today, but includes a wider variety of content including all things garden, home and lifestyle. She launched her YouTube channel in 2016, and has since worked with global brands, launched her own company GLO and collaborated with Karen Millen to produce her own collection (just check out #KLxLM on Instagram to see how sucessful this has been). In terms of fashion partnerships Lydia has partnered with major fashion brands such as Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and Balmain. Yet, in contrast to such luxury brands Lydia has also worked with high-street brands such as H&M - Again reinforcing how influencers can be of use to fashion brands at all ends of the price-point spectrum. Lydia has also repeatedly been placed in the 'Top 100 Influencers', being featured in The Times, The Daily Mail and the Independent's lists.

Image Source: @lydiamillen [Instagram]

It's also important not to glamorise fast fashion in our increasingly precarious climate (you can check out our collaboration with Compass, the Cambridge University Geographical Society's magazine, here to read more about environmental awareness in marketing). So our second feature is Izzy Manuel.

Izzy Manuel:

Izzy is a 22 year old chemisty student, who has an Instagram account dedicated to 'slow fashion', second-hand outfits and sustainable fashion. Her Instagram feed is bright, educational and fun - This just goes to show that you don't have to subscribe to fast-fashion values to be sucessful! Again, this is a really good example of smaller influencers being just as valuable, as Izzy has 3907 followers, but posts incredibly creative and informative content alongside completing her degree and has worked with a range of brands on Instagram ads.

Image Source: @izzy_manuel [Instagram]

Right, that's our input... handing back over to Stefanie for her tips on sucessful working with Influencers on a fashion marketing campaign!


Tips for A Successful Fashion Influencer Marketing Campaign

1. Know your fashion brand:

Know your target customer and competitors. See how other fashion brands are promoting their products. Be coherent with the style of your brand to create ads according to your business goals and values. Sportswear or Business casual? Is it a sustainable or a fast-fashion brand?

Example: If you are planning to market a sustainable brand. It is better to have an influencer who has experience in this field. That way, your campaign will be shown to the influencer’s followers who are interested in sustainable topics. This is perfect for your campaign and it will give you better results.

2. Establish objectives for your marketing plan:

What are the main objectives of your fashion brand? Be specific with your

objectives. Whether you want to sell a new collection or to make your brand

more visible.

3. Research your influencer:

This means you not only choose influencers based on their popularity by the number of followers. Research is based on interactions and engagement, and of course by categories like fashion.

Some tools to connect with influencers are:

AspireIQ.com - It connects with influencers who align with your brand using two-way influencer discovery, then understands their true reach, engagement, and authenticity to ensure brand safety. (Influencer Marketing 2021)

Buzzsumo.com - One of the most used tools. It identifies influential people for your brand or campaign. You can track comments and trends on different social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and more.

4. Monitor your results:

Reviewing your results is as important as the campaign itself. It will help you to

make informed decisions in the future based on insights obtained during this


I hope you find this brief article about influencer marketing for fashion useful. It is a great way to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website.


We would again like to express our thanks to Stefanie for her incredibly intresting, and practical, tips, tricks and analysis! You can connect with Stefanie on Instagram @stefaniemode and her fashion blog @escuelamarylebone


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Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the author only, and does not represent the views of CAMSoc as a whole or the University of Cambridge.