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Why you should get involved in CAMBrand

If you're still undecided about whether CAMBrand is for you, we've got all the information you need below! Prehaps we're biased, but CAMBrand is a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in marketing, advertising or brand consultancy.

You can apply to CAMBrand here

What is CAMBrand?

CAMBrand is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for students to gain practical experience in brand advertising, marketing, consultancy and PR. Each year, CAMBrand sets up five unique partnerships with local, national and international brands with aim to provide strategic insight into an area of their choosing. This year, we’ve secured the biggest names yet, from local sustainable toy manufacturers Young and Learning to internationally beloved fashion brand The Cambridge Satchel Company. Over the six weeks, projects will run on any aspect of their brand marketing, be it data collection and analysis for market segmentation or campaign strategy planning, and culminates with a presentation to key company stakeholders.

Who are we looking for?

We believe that anybody could be the right candidate for a CAMBrand project. With the diversity of companies — from fintech to fashion — there is no particular academic background preferred. The only stipulations are a budding interest in brands and a strong internet connection!

What will you do?

In general, CAMBrand projects centre around marketing, advertising and consultancy. This means that you will be directly engaging with the company and its current growth strategies and either suggesting new avenues for improvement or overcoming a particular challenge. However, due to the uniquely virtual nature of this year’s projects, the focus has shifted slightly to encompass strategy and campaign planning. This provides a fantastic opportunity to flex your creative muscles and cast your mind forward to the upcoming year, answering big questions like “how can brands align their marketing output with the consequences of the pandemic?” and “what strategies will prove most effective in advertising a product when consumers are no longer engaging with the traditional methods?”.

Will I be able to balance my degree alongside it?

Emphatically, yes. The length of the projects — six weeks — is designed to ensure that each student can realistically fit their academic and extra-curricular pursuits around each project task. These tasks will vary depending on your skills and interests; for example, if you’ve applied to GeoSpock for your love of data analysis, you may spend a couple of hours over the weekend constructing spreadsheets and drawing graphs of the data your teammates collected.

Why should I do it?

There is no one single reason why you should do CAMBrand. Perhaps, as an engineering student, you’re excited to work with a data modelling product and meet the team behind a Cambridge company now receiving over 30 million in VC funds. Maybe, as someone eyeing up a job at Google, you want your CV to stand out through direct engagement with a financial technology start-up. Possibly you’re applying to a teaching PGCE and hope to bolster your resume through experience with a children’s toy company. Or you’re none of these: you’re interested in brands, you’re talented and motivated, and you relish a challenge. There is no one single reason why you should do CAMBrand, but everybody has a reason for doing CAMBrand.

I've got some questions, who can I contact?

For general questions about CAMSoc, email us at hello@camsoc.org For specific questions about CAMBrand, email Blue Bates Cambridge, Head of CAMBrand, at blb35@cam.ac.uk or reach out on Facebook Messenger.

You can apply to CAMBrand here

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