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Where should I start looking to find a graduate job?

Happy Monday! Today, here at CAMSoc, we are very excited to be bringing you a wonderful piece written by our friends at Give A Grad A Go. In case you haven't heard if them, Give A Grad A Go are a graduate recruitment agency based in London. They've got a website full of resources to help you get onto the graduate employment ladder, host (online) events where you can speak to industry experts and today Katie Clough, Community and Partnerships Executive, is taking over the blog to kickstart your career!

We are also pleased to announce that we are hosting an event online with Give A Grad A Go on Tuesday 2nd March, 17:30 - 18:30. Watch this space for more details or head over to our Instagram to register!


Before the pandemic, many companies and employers would visit Universities and speak to students at careers fairs on campus and at in person events. Now, there is more of a demand on virtual job hunting, with virtual careers fairs, webinar events and using online graduate recruitment agencies who can match you with your dream job by recruiting from home.

It can be very daunting to finish University and not know where to look for a graduate job. That’s why our recruitment experts at Give A Grad A Go wanted to put together a list of their top tips to finding a graduate job after University.

Don’t neglect the Start-Up’s: Graduate Schemes are heavily advertised and structured into the curriculum at Universities which is why they can seem more appealing to students and graduates. However, the actual benefits of working in a Graduate Scheme can be easily outwayed by the benefits of working at a start-up company.

Working for a start-up does not always mean that you will be working in a small office with 3 other people. UK Startups Jobs can be anything up to 250 employees, which means that the majority of start-ups are well-established businesses with the same perks. In graduate start-up jobs, the company culture is renowned for being more flexible, fast-paced and giving you the opportunity to have more autonomy in your first graduate role.


Looking for a graduate role can be a lengthy and time-consuming process, so you might want to look beyond the roles advertised publicly and ask your network if there are any opportunities available. People who know you and are aware of your skillset might be able to put in a good word, or connect you to any roles or opportunities they have seen through their network.

Even if you don’t know many people in the professional industry, we would recommend you start getting in touch. The best place to start is by contacting graduate recruitment services and then connecting with your recruiter or hiring manager on LinkedIn as this will bring any current opportunities to your feed early –giving you a better chance of applying for the role before it’s filled! For example, you could see that one of your new connections is looking to hire marketers or that they have a new graduate programme to Hire IT Staff, and if you have already reached out to them then they are more likely to remember you and consider your application.

Likewise, if you are interested in a certain industry there is no harm in getting in touch with professionals via LinkedIn. You might want to message them and ask for careers advise, or try and get them involved with a University project or your dissertation. For example, a company looking to hire salespeople will be impressed that you’ve taken the initiative to reach out and get in contact. Reaching out to people online and building new connections will make you aware of new opportunities, give you the chance to gain some advice from industry experts and show employers that you are proactive and dedicated to finding your ideal graduate role.

Get in touch with recruiters:

Recruitment services are the easiest way to find a role, as the recruiters have an extensive knowledge of the industry and close relationships with the employer, so they know exactly what the company is looking for. Using a graduate recruiter at Give A Grad A Go is a completely free service where are recruiters will speak to you in depth about your interests and experience and help you along the way with your applications. Even if you aren’t ready to start a role yet, but want some advise on how to answer common interview questions or how to improve your CV, then get in touch with the experts at Give A Grad A Go who run a range of Careers Advise content such as webinars, blogs, competitions, guest blog writing opportunities and free online courses from our partners. If you are feeling confused about where to start to get a graduate job, then get in touch with Give A Grad A Go today.

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We at CAMSoc want to again thank Give A Grad A Go for partnering with us on this wonderful and insightful blog post!

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