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Today on the blog, we've got another 'Blog Takeover' for you! CAMSoc is so excited to introduce Georgie Hayes and her insightful article on marketing between the lines... or should that be industries? Georgie is a Junior Design and Marketing Manager at The Moorwood Hotel Collection, whilst also holdingthe role of Creative Director of Paper Letters Design Studio. So without further ado, we'll hand the blog over to Georgie!

Marketing is a complex, frustrating but wonderful industry which some will argue [cough cough] is a complete waste of money. Whichever way a business or industry looks at it, marketing is no longer nice to have but as Warren Knight (2018) describes “a necessity.”

With the right strategy and team in place, marketing can be the most effective tool a business has. But, have you ever thought about how marketing changes, somewhat dramatically across industries?

Having worked across a variety of sectors including hospitality, corporate, retail, construction and even agricultural, I’ve often wondered if there are some strategies that work better for specific industries over others or does the marketing strategy used depend entirely on the business itself?

The answer…it’s a bit of both. For example, I currently work in the hospitality industry, where social media is arguable the best way for us to reach our customers, particularly in the current climate. However whilst I was working in the construction industry, social media marketing wasn’t nearly as effective. This doesn’t mean we didn’t use social media or benefit from this form of marketing; it just wasn’t at the forefront of our strategy like it is in my current role.

As you’ll be well aware, in this day and age we are constantly bombard with the next, biggest and brightest marketing and advertising platforms. In fact when I started my degree and career back in 2008, Facebook was merely just a platform for you to share blurry digital photos and inform your followers you were “currently drinking a cuppa whilst watching Corro”.

So I guess the question is what methods work for what industries? Working as a Marketing & PR coordinator for a construction company and a Marketing Assistant at an agricultural firm, email marketing and events (conferences/tradeshows) were the way forward. These methods not only helped us reach new audiences they also helped us to keep current consumers up to date with latest news and products.

Trade Show Stands – Chatsworth Country Fair & Homebuilding and Renovating Show: 2017

Why you may think, well surely it’s quicker and more cost efficient to do this using social media, rather than spending, often thousands hosting or attending trade shows, you have to remember the nature of these industries. Both are heavily manual labour based, with the majority of time not spent in office with access to a computer. The customers in the industries are also more likely to want to see the product/service you’re offering in person, something, that although can be achieved through digital marketing, can’t be replicated anywhere near as well as face to face through events and trade shows.

This leads nicely on to my current role as Junior Design & Marketing manager, in the hospitality and events industry where social media/digital marketing is absolutely key to our success.

Whilst we still use traditional methods of marketing including print media and radio advertising, the majority of the marketing budget and our efforts are focused online.

For example if you’re looking for good restaurant in your area, where would you go to look for this? The answer the internet, after all it is the quickest, most practical way to do this, so making sure our digital presence is top notch will always be an important part of the strategy.

Whilst in my previous roles I was trying to market tangible objects and machinery, in the hospitality and events industry you are in essence trying to sell an experience, which is basically intangible. By using digital marketing this allows us to add dimensions to what we offer as well as interact with audiences without being able to physically see them.

A good example of this is our Halloween events we hosted in both 2019 and 2020 (COVID safe of course) which included entrance to our “Fright Night” horror trail. To successfully market this we used our social media platforms to share trailers that helped build up the tension and suspense our customers would feel on the night. If you’re feeling brave you can click on the links below to watch these:




In this current climate, marketing will be more important now than ever and you may find yourself walking into a job or industry you never imagined. So my advice:

  • Research, research, research. Although this is often a tedious task, once you get an idea of what types of marketing generally work for the industry you end up in, you can then develop a strong strategy that sets you apart from your competition and takes the business in a successful direction.

  • Marketing can often seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Think about what the outcome(s) of your business are, what is the best way to reach your goals? Do you need to change your approach? Remember the marketing strategy you would employ to increase sales of a wedding venue will be completely different to your marketing strategy for increasing sales of a constructions company’s latest building materials.

  • Finally and the best piece of advice I could ever give…be adaptable. If someone told me once I graduated university I would have gone through the career journey I have, I would never believed them. But by being adaptable I have managed to land my dream job and thoroughly enjoy the beautiful chaos that is the marketing industry.

We'd like to take the opportunity to thank Georgie for taking time out of her schedule to write for us, and for her valuable insights! You can connect with Georgie on Instagram under the following accounts: @georgieexanhayes and @paperletterdesigns.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the author only, and does not represent the views of CAMSoc as a whole or the University of Cambridge


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Photo credits to Georgie.