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Top ten tips from Marketing Manager Rachel Allen

Welcome to our first 'Blog Takeover'! Today we are extremely honoured to have a piece by Marketing Manager Rachel Allen, in which she gives you her top ten tips for finding your place on the marketing spectrum.


From Creative to Analytical, Find Your Place on the Spectrum

At many times in my marketing career I’ve faced misconceptions of what I actually do as a marketing manager. When I tell someone I’m in “marketing”, a typical response from others is that I do some type of advertising. While advertising is an important piece of marketing, it is not the only function.

Do you know what area of marketing you want to build your career in? One of the most fascinating things about marketing is the variety of opportunities there are in this field. We've all had to make the decision of what to focus on in school to prepare us for our desired career paths. While there are many disciplines of marketing, there are also many unique tracks to reach our career goals.

The Marketing Spectrum shows the variety of marketing functions you can work within. This spectrum was designed by marketing expert, Bianca Cisler, to focus on the array of marketing disciplines. You will see the spectrum transition from analytical functions on the left, to creative functions on the right. As you prepare for your marketing career, utilize the Marketing Spectrum and think through where you want to land. In addition to utilizing the Marketing Spectrum, these 10 key tips will help chart the course for your career.

1. Explore the variety of marketing functions:

  • If you don’t know what one your drawn to, look for a company that will provide you with a rotational program and an opportunity to learn and grow throughout the different facets of marketing.

  • During internships, spend time with colleagues in the different functions of marketing. Learn more about their roles and how they support the overall marketing strategy.

  • Build a resume that has robust experience in the areas that will support and compliment where you want to go.

2. Discover your path:

  • We all have unique experiences and talents to bring to the table. There aren’t cookie-cutter paths, but there are general frameworks to help you get to where you’d like to take your journey.

  • Dive into areas that might make you feel uncomfortable at times. We don’t learn and grow if we stay within our comfort zone.

  • Take time to learn the different functions within marketing that will support your long-term goals.

3. Be open:

  • Be open to the experience and positions that will put you on the path to your desired marketing function.

  • Be open to working outside of marketing to build your experience and resume. If you look at many marketing executives, they frequently have experience in other areas of business.

4. Think long-term:

  • Don’t just focus on your very first professional job. Focus on your ultimate career goal.

  • Thinking long-term goes beyond your position and your experiences. Evaluate where your selected organization may take you geographically, and make sure it aligns with your desires.

  • How will your selected career path fit into your lifestyle and accomplish the work/life balance that you are looking for?

5. Research desired industries and organizations:

  • When you find your dream role, focus beyond the role itself. Does the organization align with your values? Evaluate the culture and how your values and personal mission will align.

  • Research the industry and market you are seeking to work in. What are the growth projections of the industry and what challenges may it be facing? What is the long-term outlook for the industry your focused on building a career in?

6. Learn to create memorable presentations:

  • As a marketer you will spend a lot of time presenting and working in PowerPoint. Spend the extra time to find unique ways to stand out and connect with your audience.

  • In addition to creating great slides, connect and engage with your audience. Ask open-ended questions to foster this engagement.

  • Be creative in your presentation delivery by stepping out of your comfort zone to stand out from your peers and gain recognition.

7. Network:

  • Network and engage with those that are in your desired role today. Learn how they got there and what experiences helped them along the way.

  • Invest time into strategic relationships throughout your time at the university and throughout any internship experiences.

  • Attend networking events at your university and through professional organizations to meet others in the marketing field.

8. Prepare for excellence:

  • They key to standing out and delivering great work and presentations all comes down to preparation.

  • It is essential to go beyond just creating the material and doing the work. To stand out as a new employee, prepare by anticipating any questions and challenges you may encounter throughout your day.

9. Dress for success:

  • A former intern of mine once shared the phrase, “dress well, test well”. It’s important to dress the part if you want to be successful.

  • When entering the workforce, it’s critical to enter with a professional image. Always ensure to follow the company’s dress code, and when in doubt dress up, not down.

10. Be confident:

  • Confidence comes through in a variety of ways, and you want to ensure you are confident as you start your professional career journey.

  • If you put in the extra effort to learn about the variety of marketing functions, you will be more confident as you get ready to enter the workforce.

  • Remembering to prepare for excellence will boost your confidence as you enter your career journey.

As you continue to prepare for your marketing career, utilize the Marketing Spectrum and reflect upon these 10 key tips. Many times, we find our place on the marketing spectrum through experience and exploration. One of the most fascinating things about marketing is the variety of opportunities there are in this field. Explore the variety of functions to carve out your desired career path.

By: Rachel Allen, Marketing Manager, Marketing Career Coach and Founder of Women in Marketing Connecting.


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